Remarketing for E-Commerce – 4 tips

Do you think it’s creepy when after browsing an e-commerce website you see their advertisements on every other web page you visit for the next few weeks, or do you think it’s genius? With 96% of website visitors leaving your website before converting, it is not a lot to think about that the implementation of any remarketing strategy is greatly beneficial when it comes to impacting your bottom line and increasing your income. We think it’s genius, of course, if you’re not already doing it, you need to!

Driving traffic back to your website is more important than ever given the increase in demand for advertisements customized to our tastes (even if consumers won’t acknowledge it). Showing your target audience with highly relevant advertisements is a powerful way to keep your brand and e-commerce store at the forefront of the imagination of your prospects. Simple truth is, 49% of your guests will visit your website 2-4 times before actually converting. WOW right?

Knowing that the industry average of left behind shopping carts is around 70% should be enough to kick your remarketing strategy into high products. Remarketing not only reduces your advertising costs through customized and targeted messaging based on specific behaviors, it also ensures recent customers who might not be as ready to convert so soon again are shown your ads. Remarketing can come in many varieties, arguably the most crucial are Website, Social Media Marketing, Search and of course Email/CRM.


1. Website Remarketing for e-commerce

Remarketing to your website visitors who have still left without converting into customers is done through using those pesky, yet delicious, “cookies” and the magic performed by your retargeting service provider. Simple, pain-free, effective.

2. Social Media Remarketing
Social Media Marketing remarketing is done in two ways; using an online site pixel code and remarketing to the guests of your existing e-commerce store, and by using your customer database whether that be your member’s list, your earlier customers list or even your cold leads the list. Clever, huh? The advanced advertising systems on systems such as Facebook and Twitter allow businesses to filter this data by demographics, location, pursuits and so far more in order to ensure your advertising pennies are spent appropriately.

3. Search Remarketing
Not like others, search remarketing goals a totally new customer bottom part. These people are yet to seen your website, adding your totally fantastic products to their cart then just quit you high and dry. No, these folks are ones who’ve previously sought out keywords that connect with your business/product and also have not seen your site.

4. Email/CRM marketing
Showing your advertisings to your subscribers isn’t only a solid way to create new sales, additionally, it is an efficient customer association marketing method. Offering incentives to those people who have empty their carts (yep, that stat again is 70% of your web customers) offers that little extra nudge to carefully turn a business lead into a customer, holding they’re hand through the purchase process.

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