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When social media first came onto the scene, no one really, apart from a select few, could foresee just how vital it was going to be. Those tiny few knew that this was not only going to change the way we communicated with our fellow humans, but also how brands and companies would do business.

In this day and age, social sharing platforms and business go hand in hand. Yet despite the popularity, there are those that are missing the simple ‘dos’ of getting their social media game to stellar levels. So without further ado, here are 5 key points you should follow when it comes to social media.

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Social Media

Fill in all profile details of your Social Media Accounts :

This might be an obvious one, but so many businesses either put very few details down or none at all. If you can’t take a small amount of time to fill in your profile completely, such as linking your website, then how are we, as potential customers, able to take your business seriously? Therefore, fill in all necessary information such as links, location, description, website etc.

Know your customers:

Let’s say you have an aesthetics clinic where you know that the majority of your customers are women. Most likely you will be posting not only what your clinic offers, such as procedures, but you will be targeting those posts towards your female customer base.

With such a case, before and after posts go down well, along with aesthetically pleasing ones of a well-presented clinic and models who are willing to show what their procedure looks like after week one or two etc. If you opt to post images which may have nothing in connection with your business or customer base then you are failing woefully to give a service. Therefore, post correctly.

Be active but don’t overdo it:

Sometimes people can get a little bit overly enthusiastic on social media because they’re honestly over-enthusiastic about sharing what their business can do. There’s a sweet spot to the number of times you should post, however, this varies per business, this also has extra varying factors to take into consideration along with your audience’s expectations, likely times to work best etc.

If you go overboard, in that case, your presence will be regarded as spammy and you’ll lose supporters. So try what’s the best posting times where you get the most engagement and what content appeals the most to your supporters along with your website demographics. This is all worked out in depth by our social media team before we even implement a top-level traffic project on your behalf.

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Be original:

The one is a smart choice. Creating your own fresh content is crucial. Naturally, it’s great to reveal relevant subject areas that others post on the feeds, however, this will be utilized sparingly. When you have a blog on your website then create content like that. Or when taking images, stylise them and make sure they are popular and high quality. It’s always best to set the trends, not follow them.

Provide great customer service:

People nowadays are going right to your social multimedia accounts to complain or find out about something. Therefore, it’s always important to act in response in a swift and timely manner. Your visitors will be thankful and can know that their grievances are answered promptly and professionally; which can make them feel even more appreciated.

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