5 ingredients of a killer idea

01. The killer idea must be contagious

When a huge idea hits, “it’s just like cayenne pepper: it hits you and then 20 minutes later you can’t think of anything else and it explodes throughout the studio,There’s a buzz that goes around, everybody cottons on and feels the same thing.” As it develops, lots of people will start chipping in with ideas.

02. It could come from anywhere

We once had a designer who started with us and in the first week her strategy got throughout. We’d a week to accomplish the whole venture. Some studios would take it away and present it to a more senior designer, but she got to work on it all the way through – it was just a killer idea and everyone bounced off it.”

03. It must be flexible

For me a big idea needs to translate effortlessly across different points. “A brand world is a kit of parts; a toolbox; an operating system, It’s the stuff that flexes around the main idea, and can be completely different in each type of media. Smaller ideas are limited: that’s where you end up not with a brand world, but just a logo, a typeface and a colour.”

A big idea is something that both answers a question but then answers another question. You can answer the brief but then, what else can it do?….. It’s something that is provocative and then pushes further.

killer idea

04. Can the killer idea survive rigorous testing

To determine an idea’s flexibility, you need to try it out in many different contexts. Having experience in lots of different sectors is great, Some may also say ‘Great, it works on the website, or in a brochure, or an app, but what would you do for PR? How does that work in retail?’ We cross-pollinate all the different things that a brand world has to do to exist and enforce the killer idea

05. It’s prepared for the worst

Best-case scenarios are great, but for me it’s just as important to anticipate the worst. “What happens in the brand world if something disastrous happens? Does it fall apart? Can it cope? it’s not always about telling the story you want to tell.

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