6 Social Media Growth Hacking Tools

Social media can potentially help you to reach a gigantic audience of fans while at the same time putting the power in their hands to share and promote your content even further. It’s excellent for building trust and even better for developing a relationship with your customers and prospective customers. There’s just one problem: it takes a lot of time and effort to get right.

Luckily though, if you know how to find the best applications and tools for controlling your social press it’s possible to remove a lot of the guesswork and even to automate a fair amount of the work. Here are six of the best to begin using, some of these will be lesser known unless you’re an experienced digital marketer or development hacker. Using these tools and applications in the right way you can absolutely crush your competition, build your expert and a powerful presence in your market, drive substantial inbound traffic through your content distribution.


1 Buffer

Buffer is one of the most popular tools for public media marketers and gives you to ‘queue’ content to various public media channels. Which means that you can spend 1 day writing a great deal of content and then own it slowly but surely released on predefined regular intervals. “Drip supply content through social”


IFTTT is another tool that’s fantastic for automating your public media. It means ‘If This, Then That’ and functions by letting you set up relationships between accounts on various different web services. For example, you could create a relationship between Feedly and Twitter so that once you tag articles you’re reading related to your area of interest, it’ll be immediately distributed to your audience!

3 LikeAlyzer

Often promoting a small business through Facebook can feel similar to fumbling around at night. How will you really know what to do and which types of content to create? LikeAlyzer answers these questions and simplifies the procedure for you by letting you see which of your content get the most attention and how many other pages in your area of interest are doing.

4 Buzzsumo

Review what content carries out best for just about any topic or competition and find the main element influencers to market your articles. A BuzzSumo search will see most distributed content across all the key social networks. This enables you some basic free search functions but has an every month paid model to work with the full collection of resources.

5 Social Rank

Social Rank enables you to identify your top 10 enthusiasts on Twitter, experiencing not only who’s paying the most focus on your Tweets but also who gets the major network of their own. That is an extremely powerful tool as it gives you to see which of these potential customers deserve more attention. In addition, it operates as a reminder that sometimes quality trumps number as it pertains to your lovers.

6 SocialBro

Without free, SocialBro now called ( Audience ) is a Twitter management tool that provides you usage of all types of using analytics and metrics which means you can easily see what’s working and do more of it. Honorable talk about would go to Tweeter Spy which can demonstrate which of your Tweets are mailing you the most traffic.

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