Kylie Jenner’s tweet caused $1.3 billion in damage to Snapchat

 kylie Jenner’s tweet caused $1.3 billion in damage to the market value of Snapchat (snap) or at least that is what the media is saying…

The social media company’s stocks fell a great deal after one of Kylie Jenner’s tweets.

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As much as 7.2 percent of market value dropped thursday after the Reality tv famous model / influencer posted a tweet to her 24.5 million fans efficiently announcing for her snapchat was over.

kylie jenner's tweet

Nobody can say for certain that kylie jenner’s tweet brought about the domino effect of stock value…

However, Kylie does have a huge following (she has a mixed 128.5m followers on Twitter and Instagram) on snapchat’s coveted demographic 18 to 34 years old so you can see how kylie jenner’s tweet may have had a huge influence even if people might not be so quick to realise at first.

Analysts point to snapchat’s latest app redecorate for sc’s decline in lively customers, who hate the redecoration of the app and forced sc to reconsider things.

What I think is it is a combination of the two and Kylie Jenners tweet is a clear example of how powerful having the right or in this case the wrong influencer on board for your brand.

The fact Kylie Jenner announced this right around the time of the new updates could be coincidential but also who knows maybe other bigger unknown sharks with money paid her to say so at the right time,

That to me would be one more viable explanation in my experience working behind the scenes in social media management and website design or as most of us like to say social media manipulation, so truly was kylie jenner’s tweet at fault?… you decide 🙂

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For what it’s worth … Kylie tweeted 11 minutes later professing her love for Snapchat. Too little, too late? This just enforces how powerful social media is today with business and even as far as your business website, everything is connected, or in this case ultimately effected.

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