The importance of having a mobile responsive website

A question I often get is what is the benefit of a mobile responsive website, this can be quite tricky as there are not just one there are several! However, I will try and explain a few. You might be thinking what that even means. In short, it refers to a website that has the ability to automatically resize itself to different screen sizes such as desktops, tablets, and mobiles.

Aesthetically this is important since websites are viewed across an array of screen sizes. Nevertheless, there is more to be mobile responsive.

Ofcom statement – smartphones are used more than desktops and laptop computers when searching the internet.

Another important factor is that on average people are spending up to two times more each day online using their smartphone.If you don’t have a mobile responsive website then the URL (your website) will not show up organically on Google search listings also. In 2015 Google did an algorithm update that shook the web development industry. The update referred to as Mobilegedon designed websites that are not responsive will not show up organically on googles listing no matter what you’ve done in terms of SEO. In May 2016, more than a year after the original “mobile friendly” update, Google rolled out another ranking signal increase to give even more advantage mobile-friendly sites on mobile search.

If you are considering a mobile responsive website then you should consider these three questions:

  • Does your existing online system represent your business correctly to your prospective customers?
  • Does your website impress your customers so they come back time and again?
  • So how exactly does your website display across different screen sizes?

mobile responsive website

The first impressions mean quite a large amount in mine opinion. Think of it as a shop windows, naturally, we have been attracted to the best-looking windows display. Exactly the same principle applies to your website. It is the difference between someone clicking off your website or continuing and converting into a customer. If you have a badly designed/developed website then it’s more likely for them to leave. This could result in your competitors who have invested time and money into their online presence. Often your website is usually the first experience a consumer gets from your business.

So, there are a few reasons to get a mobile responsive web. If you need a website design company and web programmer then look no further rest assured we take care of all this, to enable the best digital business optimisation services for your brand and company. Thanks for reading should you find value in this post please do not forget to give it a share or like and show your support so others may find value also in this post.

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