Why Measure Your Results-Driven Marketing Strategy

Everyone that has been involved in the running or management of a digital marketing campaign is aware that there are a lot of available metrics to track and measure the success and performance of digital marketing strategies.

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Virtually every public media marketing website collects and features data from the users’ activity to publishers and web publishers (e.g. Facebook Page Lovers). Such data when analysed can be utilized for focusing on how users build relationships the brand’s digital marketing promotions and advertising.

Certain performance metrics produced from such data are accepted as key indications of an campaign’s performance, and are generally known as “key performance indicators”, or KPIs in a nutshell.


Generally, a KPI is any measurement that evaluates how well a corporation is obtaining its goals and aims.

In digital marketing, KPIs are generally used to gauge the performance of digital online marketing strategy options and advertising spend.

If analysed properly, KPIs can even be used strategically, to help create new digital marketing approaches for bettering such core metrics, which is crucial to success.

Marketing Strategy


Unfortunately there is absolutely no widespread KPI. Your business’s goals and aims, and for that reason your company’s overall advancement strategy, should supply into finding out what your KPIs should be.

Once you explain your KPIs, after that you can utilize them to create a results-driven digital online marketing strategy. The purpose of your digital marketing business or in-house team then becomes clear: improve company’s KPIs.

KPIs can include Profits on return (ROI), Conversions Rate, Bounce Rate, Users’ Advancement, Retention Rate, Customer’s Proposal Rate, etc.


Successful digital marketers and companies are tracking and analysing a sizable quantity of performance metrics on a daily basis. Analysis of those figures helps them develop strategic digital marketing programs to drive business development and customer retention.

Always remember; you want to be able to measure your results. To do this, you first need to ensure that you can monitor your activities, goals and conversions.

There are various analytics software that will do this for you, once properly set up. Did you know that, nowadays, you can even track telephone calls? Call tracking software has been around for a while and can show you even which campaigns or even keywords are traveling the calls.

Given the importance of the KPIs, it is best practice to employ advanced data analytics methods and screening, to ensure the validity of the data being tracked and announced.

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