Top 9 Web Design Trends for 2019

Top 9 Web Design Trends for 2019

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Since we have had a chance to analyse this year a little, I thought it would be great to share my thoughts on some web design trends we have noticed at top level traffic so far: 

In the most recent year, we’ve seen headway in innovation that helped interface us better with our clients, new styles that are pushing the limits, and a more grounded spotlight view on documentation and openness rules to make the web an increasingly steady and available platform for everyone.

With such a large number of advancements, it’s essential to back off and investigate what patterns will stay and what new things we can hope to see in 2020. (In case you’re pondering a site redesign this year, you have a great deal to consider.)

Here is a portion of the more prominent design trends we have seen in website design so far in 2019

1. Mobile First

Everybody and their grandmother are utilising their smartphones day by day now. This year, users were even expected to be switched on with mobile phones even more, our analytics shows us three hours use consistently on mobiles in any given day being the norm or average.

In light of this, organisations have been busy redesigning the streamlining of their versatile sites, this will also proceed in 2019. It’s normal that over 70% of all digital marketing spending in the US is to originate from mobile web design. Is this a trend that you’re business is set up for?

2. Depth and Drop Shadows

Much like the Caped Crusader himself, shadows have been utilised by certain organisations for some time now. There are some various varieties that are relied upon to come up in 2019, however, as parallax formats and networks have been developing along with being progressively prevalent, giving website specialists more space to play around with shadows in their plans is a must for any good website.

3. Flat Design

Once more, this is something that has been utilised by numerous designers for as long as couple of years. In spite of this however, it’s as yet going solid, which is the reason it is still one of the foreseen website design trends for 2019 even predicted to continue in 2020.

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Moderate, clean structures have been a pattern since 2017 ( I wrote about this in an older post here ) , and there’s no indication of them leaving. Beside fast stacking capability, these designs have magnificence in speed, a great deal of organisations will even now start to utilise them in spite of more complex programs. This is clearly due to the user experience staying enhanced with its hard to beat responsiveness and silky smooth ui experience that flat design brings.

4. Incorporating Animations

Talking about programs getting further developed, different designers along with content creators are additionally utilising this to further their potential benefit, thus are presently getting rid of the static and at times exhausting pictures, proceeding onward to ways that site guests can even communicate more with the page in animation.

Animations along with what is called Glitch Art might be somewhat of a worry, yet once more, with the present current innovation, it is normal that these won’t be much of an issue to capable designer.


Top 9 Web Design Trends for 2019

5. Asymmetrically Aesthetic

In a great deal of sites, papers, and even print promotions, numerous designers and creators utilise a grid as a go to manual for content to include on the web page they’re working on. One pattern we should watch out for is designers rejecting the normal practice of so called ” grid building ” making their structure more unbalanced than what we typically observe.

Thinking outside the grid will turn into the standard, which will give designers more opportunity to concoct new designs to astonish and hold watchers, onlookers and visitors to the said company website along with express the brand better, tied in with minimal design this is a powerful combination.

6. Particle Backgrounds

One web design trend for 2019, a strategy that was giving indications of turning into a pattern was joining videos as a component of the page along with structural foundation. A few organisations got into a pickle, be that as it may, they encountered some presentation issues where the video on said website was uneven, or didn’t play properly hence we had to fix it for them.

Particle Backgrounds are basic, JavaScript code that can easily play videos. They aren’t difficult to make, and as long as it’s top notch, can be the distinction between a new client or the next web page being clicked.

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7. Striking Typography 

Typography is an apparatus which, in the hands of a gifted creator, can ooze an enormous extent of feelings to whomever is viewing the website design in question. Past what is really composed, knowing which visual style to utilise is significant in a different way all together. Subconsciously manipulating the reader to feel the character the designer is attempting to suggest or the brand / feel your company might be trying to convey.

Numerous programs can deal with individual fonts, which enable the creator to improve the general client experience, bringing about the guests remaining but more importantly eager to return to the site.

8. Huge Images

Like how your enormous fries are best combined with a huge milkshake, huge letters ought to be put on or close to huge pictures. It makes an extraordinary effect on a welcome page for example. When matched with parallax effects, this combination makes a special impact on client experience, one that guests won’t long overlook or forget anytime soon.

Obviously, you have to guarantee your pictures are satisfactory, as exhibiting unacceptable stills isn’t generally a decent method to charm yourselves to the intended interest group.

9. Speed

At last, what’s most critical to the intended interest group when visiting a business website page is the loading speed. Your high resolution pictures and over the top expensive coded plans won’t grab anybody’s eye in the event that it takes 10 seconds to completely load. Actually, in the event that it takes longer than three, our analytics show guests won’t give it the time of day, whats worse your SEO efforts also get degraded due to this.

Not to mention in order to gain some of the top spots in the mobile market these days speed is even more important. Albeit flashy images or video at welcome pages along with eye catching structures still have a spot in 2019, designers should figure out how to consolidate them without hindering the page speed.

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