Top Level Traffic Guide: How To Protect Your Privacy on Social Media

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We are often advised that privacy on social media is definitely a problem, but is it under our control? After all, privacy is ” our human right “.

However, social media has undoubtedly pretty much disrupted that sense of privacy. A lot of what we do on social media has been recorded someplace for reasons we may well not even know or be aware of. Such as for advertising or data collection purposes, after all data is the the online gold, aside Bitcoin of course! But that’s another story…

Social Media for Social Beings

Humans are social beings because displaying things, telling story’s along with talking about ourselves has always been an integral part of our aspect. The technology to assist these social tendencies is called social media.

Before Social Media, groups of like minded people always liked to show their point of view. Now they’re doing the same thing, but using websites and apps as a tool. Among the most used social  media platforms include tools like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Pinterest, to name a few.

What YOU Really See

Most of the social media applications are free but also social media itself is a vastly integral part of any business website for SEO purposes. Hence poor privacy on social media due to the free platform options along with being a target for hackers or viruses looking to target users along with businesses.

After all, the only path these free social media platforms can make money, is by offering adverts to its users. Facebook, for example, uses individual profiling to show us ‘relevant’ advertisements. These adds are based on demographics, the brands we follow, along with the location among other things. ( Everything they can or everything you don’t check in your settings )

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Selling adverts is a major revenue channel, but not the only way social marketing companies earn money. Facebook holds the info of its vast amount of users. If you’re a Facebook user, the algorithm of Facebook controls your profile on a daily basis. ( Top Tip: why do you think you can only deactivate and not delete your Facebook profile?… because your data is too valuable )

From the news you read, the brands that you look for, the Ebook that you read, the cool website you visit, to food that you consume you name it!. Facebook even keeps track of all the actions that you do in the offline world, even though you don’t always reveal it on the platform. In the past it has been slated for trying to record voices in and around an android phone using the Facebook app.

Creating Bubbles

Social websites, despite being an open platform, are making its users more delusional. Twitter, for example, also controls your actions. It will suggest you people based on your ideology. So if you often tweet about political issues, Twitter will suggest you people of your political inclination. In a way, it is adding you in a politics bubble.

Facebook archives every photo, video upload, job status and ANY private subject matter you have ever sent. You are able to download your Facebook history just by simply clicking ‘Download a copy of your Facebook data’ in the settings webpage. Only Facebook knows why it cares to archive a note I sent in 2011.

Privacy on Social Media

How to Control Your Privacy

The easiest way to control this privacy is to totally get rid of social media apps ( yes extreme I know ). In fact, the recent ” Facebook Data Scandal ” has brought about #DeleteFacebook campaign leading thousands to drop the program.

However, this is not a good solution for someone like me or even am guessing for most users. Being away from Facebook hinders me from linking with friends back home. There’s a lot of things I wouldn’t be able to update myself on.

I believe a user needs to take their level of privacy in their own hands, then also think before sharing something on a social media platform. Moreover, a straightforward google search will let you know the means of restricting your articles showing to only the people you value. However if you have a business website you might want to make this visible.

Avoid Clickbait

Avoid clicking random things such as “check which superstar you look like” or “comment below and see the magic.” That Clickbait!…. again another way to protect your privacy on social media is to avoid Clickbait at all costs! I cannot stress this enough…

It’s really just a trick to fully capture your private information then store it, to misuse it. Facebook isn’t taking any responsibility for third-party apps, so this is down to you even though its ” on Facebook ” doesn’t make it real or in this case honest.

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Avoid Fake News

Quite often, there are unverified articles on the news feed ( people pay Facebook to display adds ), especially political ones, these align with our biases based off the good old data collecting along with Facebook algorithm. So Facebook knows its more likely we click the article along with us feeling compelled to after reading the fake headline.

Not everything on the internet is factually correct. For example, not every quote that is attributed to Abraham Lincoln or Gandhi was actually quoted by them. Keep in mind: facts don’t care about your biases or feelings. So read everything on Facebook with a pinch of salt.

SWITCH OFF Your Location

Besides the above, you can turn off where you are sharing. You’ll avoid being bombarded with messages about reviews to businesses along with places you visit.  This prevents Facebook Email or Mobile Lookup. However if you have a Facebook account just for your business website then I strongly suggest you keep it on.

I think the continuing future of social media programs depends partly how they may be keeping their users safe, along with safeguarding their level of privacy. If the companies don’t care, the governments may have to start enforcing more regulations. What do you think? comment below, let us know!… We love hearing from you!

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