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Logic dictates that every website has some sort of fluctuation in traffic. What is the normal range for your own website? It is common for people to try to reverse the last change they made to their website in order to improve website traffic.


Since your website traffic might have declined for a variety of reasons, it’s the wrong approach to take, looking into reversing recent changes.

Before we go any further, it’s important to remember that the drop in traffic isn’t just caused by your date ranges. 

Based on today’s date, not all the website traffic has yet been received. 

Another possibility is that you or your webmaster tool may have accidentally deleted your tracking code, which would make it seem as though no traffic has arrived, even though no changes have been made. The next step is to contact IT.

Last but not least, keep an eye on the news. Do you have any news about a power outage, an event, or some other reason for a drop? 

Once you’ve confirmed that this isn’t due to external or technical issues, proceed onward to boost your falling site traffic with these methods.

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1.) Penalties are the first step


You might experience a drop in website traffic if you receive a manual punishment from Google. This could affect your impacted page or your overall ranking. 

Drops in traffic aren’t always due to a Google penalty, but confirming whether you have one is straightforward and conclusive. 

If you have any notices on Google Search Console, it is most likely related to strategies or content that appears to be malicious or copied. 

Should you work with an SEO company, you should ask them why they use strategies that are punished by Google-and find a different firm. 

To remove the penalty and regain traffic to your business website, you will likewise have to address the mistake.

2) Examine the traffic channels


It can be very useful to know what kind of traffic falls on your site. Think about whether you have recently stopped paying for ads if the traffic is paid. That might explain the drop.

In addition, you may want to examine branded traffic versus unbranded traffic. Branded website traffic is site traffic from individuals who navigate directly to your site rather than through a link or connection. 

You know the visitors probably know your company because they searched directly for your name on Google with your excellent SEO practice, right?. 

Seeing a drop in branded traffic may be a result of a PR issue. Perhaps fewer people feel compelled to interact with your brand.

Bridgend Web Design Website Traffic
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3) Pause your advertisements


Additionally, your organic traffic is decreased as a result of paid search results. This is somewhat normal. Even if paid traffic decreases organic traffic, it should increase general traffic.

By the way, your paid traffic is simply cutting into your organic traffic. Perhaps you have a particularly strong presence on the paid keyword, which would negate the need to purchase advertisements there. 

If your traffic drops because of a paid advertisement, or maybe you notice less phone leads than you are used to, pause it and see if it resumes at its previous levels or if it drops again once you restart.



During a time when your site traffic is down, turn back to your core ways of building an audience by providing quality content and focusing on exceptional user experience. 

You will see the benefits in website traffic over time when you do this.

Quite possibly the most important factor for your site to rank at the top of Google’s SERP is search engine optimization. 

Any site is set up to facilitate sales or change. 

When a site isn’t immediately noticeable to the general population, then it’s hard to make any changes.

Do you want to increase the traffic to your website? Hire a Bridgend SEO and web design agency.

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