5 website redesign project goals

More often then not, companies embarking on a website redesign start with all the good intentions but not always the right goals.

This means that the end result can be more aesthetically satisfying but often fails to meet key business requirements. So we have compiled a list to help you concentrate, a list of initiatives to get the maximum out of any sparkling new website.

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1) Improve conversion rate

The magic multitude that defines the partnership between the final number of customers along with a final number of enquiries/sales is the most important business metric a niche site has. If your primary goal is to generate an email data bank then the conversion process rate will represent total customers vs. total users.

Either way, nurturing this number would be the singular action that gets the maximum effect during your website redesign.  Not to mention this is actually the only way to extract more profits from customers without spending more on marketing.

2) Reduce bounce rate

You merely have 3-4 seconds to convince a niche site visitor they have landed on the right website for what they want. Design of websites is crucial to ensure that users, however active they are, will get what they need as fast as they have to.

Failing to achieve this task during your website redesign, will lead to nearly all visitors departing from your website, thus diminishing probable earnings. To make this happen you need a team that understands usability carefully.

website redesign

3) Increase time spent on your website

Whilst not the most crucial metric, average time spent on a website is an indicator of good or bad content. Most websites suffer from absent or wet content, which is critical to convincing users to interact with them. If the average time spent on your website is below the industry norm, you are in need of a professional content review.

4) Increase amount of pages seen per visit

A poorly made website redesign can stop seamless navigation and push users to forego their visit early on. If your figures are below your industry average a carefully designed framework will help you to keep more people, longer on the website, ultimately leading those to enquire or purchase.

5) Get more data, more often, always!

Data collection for marketing purposes is significantly important, not to mention data is the gold of the internet. Too many websites are not collecting enough data such as tastes, user opinions, or even simple email addresses from users.

Collection of such data means that lost opportunities have a chance of turning into conversions/ inquiries/sales at a later level. Measure your current data collection rate to compare how this altered when you re-launch.

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