An SEO Checklist for Your WordPress Website – Updated 2021

Top Level Traffic Bridgend Web Design Social Media and Digital Marketing An SEO Checklist

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A website, no matter how amazing it looks or how great the content, isn’t worth substantially if most people don’t know it is present so below is an SEO Checklist for your WordPress Website:

That’s why SEO generates a never-ending blast of hype. Well-optimized it can likely make your site found through organic search.

If your website has been constructed with WordPress, then you’re already off to an excellent focus on the optimization practice. WordPress is made with SEO at heart and it’s flexible. This means you can create an SEO methodology that matches your unique needs.

But there are numerous things you ought to be aware of in regards to optimizing a WordPress website. Beyond the typical SEO practices, the open nature of the software means that you’ll have to inspect your topic and plugins to make sure you have the perfect setup.

Knowing that here is a helpful SEO checklist for optimizing your WordPress Site:

Check WordPress Settings

WordPress includes a few settings which will certainly impact SEO. However, when you’re rushing to start a niche site, it’s easy to just forget about them. Before your website goes public, ensure that you browse the following items:

Settings > General

Ensure that both Site Subject and Tagline fields happen to be set accurately. While we commonly set the Subject while adding WordPress, the Tagline quite often stays establish the default “Just Another WordPress Site”.

If you do not attend to this, it will arrive in your search listings. Feel absolve to either adjust the Tagline to something a whole lot more relevant or delete it entirely.

Settings > Permalinks

WordPress generally includes SEO friendly Permalinks previously set. But it’s yet worthwhile fiddling around to ensure you have the very best setting for your kind of site. The Post Identity option is normally just fine. But if you publish often, Moment and Term or Month and Identity could be more appropriate.

Settings > Reading

While a site continues to be in development, quite often we would block search engines…therefore ignore to unblock them after the start. It’s better to check the search engine Visibility setting up before launching your website

Ensure That Your Website Theme Uses Proper Markup

A well-made WordPress motif can employ a positive impact in relation to SEO. But elderly or poorly-coded themes will make it harder for SE’s to index your articles. Here are some settings to search for in your theme:

HTML5 Semantic Markup

At the basic level, you want to be buying a theme that has HTML5 semantic markup. This ensures that content areas will be marked with tags such as for example header, footer, story and aside. Navigation ought to be covered in a nav tag. And page/content titles should be covered under h1 headings.

The beauty of the tags is that they offer SE’s with some context when examining your website. While your website may well not search differently to the naked eyesight, search bots will discover this markup in an effort to more successfully index things.

Structured Data

On the bigger end of the attribute, the scale will be the inclusion of organized info. Descriptive attributes are added to tags for things like events, reviews or even a person. Breadcrumb navigation is also quite useful here.

This provides search engines with extra information that could be displayed in search results. For example, if you’ve ever noticed a star rating in a listing that comes from structured data.

If you build your own WordPress theme for your business website, this is something fairly simple to strategically add in. But if you’re using a third-party theme, you’ll want to check to see if it’s included. No worries if it’s not on your theme, though. You can still add this data through various plugins.

Mobile-Friendly Responsive Layout

Whether you build your own theme or use third-party offerings, it simply must work well on mobile devices. This is not only a usability issue; it also pertains to good SEO ethics as well. Google will mark sites that aren’t optimized for mobile devices in search results. That could cost you precious clicks and sales.

Top Level Traffic Bridgend Web Design Social Media and Digital Marketing An SEO Checklist

Install SEO-Boosting Plugins

There are numerous of superb SEO related plugins for WordPress. Which you choose should come down to your preferences and personal inclination. Yoast SEO is a wonderful all-around personal preference and has over 5 million energetic installs.

All in One SEO Pack ( No affiliate links ) offers over 3 million installs and is also a solid pick. They’re two of the most well-known and well-known plugins but they’re far from the only ones available.

Regardless of the plugin you choose, there are several regular features that you’ll want to have:

Optimize Individual Pages and Posts

SEO isn’t just on your home page. All of your content should be optimized in some way. A plugin that enables you to individually optimize each web page and post is an excellent help.

Points you’ll want to change consist of titles, keywords, and descriptions. It’s also handy if you can individually turn off indexing for a specific piece of content.

Automatic Optimization

For the content you don’t necessarily want to fine-tune yourself, it’s good if a plugin will do some of the work for you. A good SEO plugin will allow you to change title, description and permalink formulas to instantly tweak things in the background.

Add OpenGraph Data

OpenGraph data is imperative for allowing your content to become shared on social media. It grabs products such as page titles, featured pictures and excerpts for display on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You’ll need to use a plugin that provides these tags to your site and enables you to customize settings.

XML Sitemap

Submitting an XML sitemap to Google is usually an easy way to ensure that they can index your content. Look for the ability to both create sitemaps and customize what content is usually (and isn’t) included within them.


Don’t forget about analytics! Whether you use Google’s service or somebody else’s add tracking code to a plugin or your theme. It’s the best way to find out whether your strategies are working.

These features may all become included in just one plugin, or you might use a combination of niche plugins to accomplish this functionality. Either way, your site should be taking advantage of each item on the list.

Maintain Best Practices in Content

The same SEO best practices for content writing and markup still apply when using WordPress. Since there are plenty of resources on the subject, we won’t go into great detail here. But in general, you’ll want to comb through your site and check for the following:

Proper Use of Heading Tags

This one still trips up some people because the classic WordPress editor doesn’t make it so obvious. Content writers will often separate distinct sections within a page with bolded text, rather than the more semantically correct h2 tag.

The Gutenberg editor, launched in WordPress 5.0 may help that adding headings will be a bit more of an intuitive process.

Use Internal Links

If you have other related content on your site – connect to it. It’s something advised for SEO and in addition, may encourage people to dig deeper into your articles.

ALT Text for Images

Images within your content material should have alt attribute text. That is necessary for accessibility and Google recommend it for SEO as well. If your site is quite large, you might like to use a plugin that will help you get and assign descriptive text message to save lots of some time. ( SEO images plugin )

You Are Officially Optimized

The combination of the proper theme, plugins and content material strategy can make your WordPress website fully optimized for search engines. And with so many outstanding tools available, you can mix and match to achieve your goals.

So, whether you’re launching a new business website or maintaining an existing one, take the time to go through the checklist above to ensure you’re doing all you can with regards to SEO. A little bit of effort can make a huge difference in your results.

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