Writing Your First Content Strategy – Updated 2021

Content Strategy

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While algorithms change and new ways to market may develop, stories remain a integral way of linking with people, pulling people in and keeping their interest. That is why before you truly delve into “being social,” you need to come up with a content strategy.

There may have been a time years ago where you could try a lot of things and hope that something stuck. We attempted different marketing strategies, different ways of talking with consumers, but we weren’t truly measuring our business goals. For example how well (or not) is our social media efforts working for our business website?

It could feel daunting. However, do not be discouraged! A content strategy is much less hard as it seems to map out, and helps structure all that you choose to do online. Unquestionably, you know what you want to achieve for your brand, or brand website and that is exactly the basis of your strategy… your goals.

Everything else develops off of those goals. When you are able to put your article strategy alongside one another into one place, you are better in a position to communicate that technique to other participants of your team. Having an outline helps everyone that will be involved know what is being performed, why and how.

Every brand’s content strategy will differ, but there are some important top level traffic items that all good strategic plans need to have.

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Set Your Goals

First, focus on your goals. Uncover your specific WHY. What makes you run a business? Are you hoping to engage along with increase potential consumers, are you looking to drive traffic to your website? Will you be trying to carefully turn casual consumers into better quality buyers on your business website?

You may be trying to communicate your brand to people that need it, but have not yet found it. You want your targets to be measurable. If you aren’t measuring what you are doing, you will never know if you are close to reaching your goals or what works for that matter.

Content Strategy

Understand Your Audience

Next, have a look at your consumers – both current and potential. It helps to truly have a “specific” person at heart, so you know who you are speaking with. Not only will this make your engagements more personal, but it helps your brand, along with your website content.

What is your target consumer looking for? What are their pain points? What do they want, that you can provide for them?

The main thing you can learn about your consumers is where they may be, when and exactly how they prefer to receive information. There are various internet sites out there, but if you are not on the right ones at the right time, you are losing precious resources that can be better served somewhere else.

( Facebook group incites are great for this, if you have already built a group around your brand )

Also, social media platforms are not all equal. There are downfalls to each network. It’s important that you focus on each platform’s power.

Now you have to begin creating content!

How can you best present the messages that are essential to your brand and its own consumers? So long as you know very well what you want to accomplish, looking back again to your goals, there a wide range of ways to creatively get there. A number of people prefer to read business websites or blogs. Some like videos yet others prefer to receive their content through images.

Creating this content might seem like the most important little bit of a content strategy, but you can’t have a successful strategy without paying attention to how you are distributing that information, for those brand stories. While we used to have the ability to simply post at the right times organically, we are now finding that the most successful circulation includes a sound mix of both organic natural along with paid solutions combined.

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