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If you thought it was hard choosing a profile picture, writing your bio and picking a cover image… well, now you have to make sure that you are regularly posting, on top of that you need to write engaging Facebook posts, with interesting content on a highly consistent basis. Forever… No biggie then!


While delivering consistently high-quality posts on Facebook is hard it can present something of a steep learning curve, the good news is that you will only get better over time.

And to help you get a head start, here are some pointers that can help you to start being more engaging and interesting right now in order to drive more website traffic.

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Write for Your Audience


Should you be funny or serious? Professional or chatty? There’s no single answer to these types of questions, it all depends on the specific market that you’re hoping to promote your products and services. 

These are all big questions you should try to answer while trying to write engaging Facebook posts. And for that reason, it pays to keep this in mind at all times, as it will help you SEO on your website if you have an active Facebook audience.

If you struggle to do so, then take a piece of paper and pen and profile your ideal customer.

How old are they? What gender? What sort of job do they do? What are their hobbies? Goals and dreams? Write these things down and give that person a name.

From this point on, imagine that every single post you write is being written for them. This will help you find the right tone. Remember: you won’t please everyone, so focus on pleasing the right people.

Be Interesting


It sounds obvious, right? But you’d be surprised how many businesses forget this one key fact. How many times have you seen articles like ‘The 10 Best Ab Exercises? Probably a million, right? 

So you’re hardly going to click on it. On the other hand, if you’re writing things like ‘Why Sit-Ups May be the WORST Way to Build Abs’ then you just might strike someone’s interest. Always ask yourself: would you read it? as this will help drive more traffic or phone leads for your business

Ask Questions


Asking questions will allow you to write engaging Facebook posts, engage with your audience, which is what ‘engaging’ means. Remember: most people are narcissists and, as such, they love a chance to make their opinion known.

Ask your audience to share their thoughts and feedback on your product and services. This is another way to listen to your customers along with more importantly improve your business.

Posting content that shows you took their feedback into consideration can build customer loyalty, thus show you value their ideas, but don’t forget to get a solid web host as driving traffic to an offline site is not good for your brand.

Stay On-Topic


While you can veer a little, remember that the people who are following you are doing so for a reason. They’re interested in the niche/industry you operate in, so make sure your content stays focused on that and doesn’t wander.

Write Engaging Facebook Posts

Use engaging images and videos


Rich media like photos and videos get more attention and help your message stand out in News Feed
Lifestyle images like the ones you see from your friends on Facebook are always engaging.

Try sharing images of your products or photos of your customers enjoying your services

Try to keep your posts between 100 and 250 characters to get more engagement. Shorter, succinct posts are better received

Offer perks or promotions


Offer special deals or perks to your fans or customers to keep them interested and to drive online sales or engagement.

Include a call to actions with links to the most relevant page on your website and make the discounts clear for the service you are offering, for example social media management.

To improve engagement further with your promotions, include clear calls to action, redemption details, and when the promotion ends to add a sense of urgency
Provide access to exclusive information

Reward people who are connected to your page and drive loyalty and online sales by providing them with exclusive information. Make them feel special by sharing exclusive product news, contests and events.

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